Ustream Video Service Site Hacked?

This has just came in like a breaking news–more and more uStream users have reported the “malware alert” when opening the uStream site or any page which contain a link to uStream using Google Chrome and Firefox but not on Internet Explorer.

I discovered the alert when i tried to open the DyAB1512 Live stream on a page in my blog(left image). I opened uStream  directly on its home page URL and it has the same image (right).


I went over the community section of uStream if it has already been discussed and found only one post yet. So, i decided to post my own report with a screen shot of the malware alert message.


I disregarded the malware message with confidence that my McAfee anti-virus program could defend my system just in case a virus or malware would infect my system should i proceed to the DyAB1512 page on my blog. I did the same in DyAB page on uStream.

Later on, i received an email from which appeared representing uStream regarding an account created under my name using my email address. I got back to my uStream community page and saw my name there as having an account.


A check on wikipedia lead me to an information that is  customer community software platform for technical support and has been appearing in community support pages of some web sites. There’s no immediate confirmation from uStream if has ties with them.

One complaint against alleged that he was almost charged on his credit card by It seems the company representing is raking money. Maybe, this is the reason why Google Chrome and Firefox consider it as malware.

There’s no immediate explanation from uStream as of this post.

UPDATE!!! (uStream has resolved the “malware alert” report for its site.)



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