Globe Rolls Out Modernization in Cebu

In a text message broadcast recently to its subscribers in Cebu (or perhaps the whole of the Visayas), Globe Telecoms said the network is changing its equipment and technology “for better experience“.

It says Globe is currently implementing its modern network to achieve reliability of calls and texts, faster downloads and surfing. However, the implementation phase has yet to arrive though it’s been scheduled already in our locality. Globe said the modernization will soon arrive in our area and another text will be sent to its subscribers in Cebu in the next couple of days (or weeks?) regarding the actual schedule of the modernization program.

Since the past few months, Globe subscribers in Cebu have been complaining of poor signal in their broadband connection both at home and in mobile devices. Industry sources hinted that this is probably due to network congestion problem.

16 thoughts on “Globe Rolls Out Modernization in Cebu

  1. as 0f march 2015 globe still has not rolled out what they call tatoo tourque which is fibre optics southt of it park in cebu and a milti billion dollar new switching office still remains unused for
    2years now and has been fully tested and ready for use for 16 months now as of this posting


  2. the new fibre optics switching office on the srp highwat is located 2 kilometers from south road talisay city and 3 kilometers from the new city mall on the left side going from south road talisay city cebu it has been fully tested and it is confermed it willl be for residential and business class use all the way past argo i am at this time refused to get any info regarding any body beeing hooked up to this new switching office even though there is no reason people cant be hooked up to it as it is full ready to go and fully tested for more than 6 monnts at the time of this posting i will have to probably have to get a little bit nasty with globe to get my internet hooked up to the new fibre optics in whay i consider a timely mannor . waiting for the new city mall to open to activate residential use of this fibre optics is shamefull and bad business practice as it will cause a lot of thck proplems that can be fixed now before the mall is activated.


  3. until globe offers a fiber optics network interface pc card for desk top pcs and or fiber to the pc the service will still be poor but better than using copper.


  4. now globe has cut their fair use policy even more to about 2 hours of downloads per day per person.. the only way to fight it will have to be a class action law suite and ntc


  5. globe has now connected all of its residential customers to the fair use policy that automatically cuts your speed by 30 percent after dowload 7 gigs per day of info to include songs and movies your speed will return to nomal at 12 midnite the only cheap way to avoid this probled is to get a business permitt and sing up for business class internet that automatically gives you 4 mb download speed without the fair use policy and a static ip address this will cost about 3thousand pesos a month for a wired dsl plan which i highly recomend if your buget allows as it is very stable and very fast and business class always gets repaired very fast you can mail me at for any querys


  6. also you can get a 1meg speed boost from a 3mb or less conection only for 4 hours at a time 10 to 2 am and pm. but you will have to use a lot of pressure on customer servive to get it all globe customer service can be reached by land line number 173 and be prepaired to spend 1or mor hours getting the proper help and at least 5 follow up phone calls for almost all internet problems and concerns they will say they will make a report to avail your concern and no followup or phone calls to you.. unless you become a dail caller for your concern


  7. be advised south cebu will not be able to get more than a 3 mb normal dowload speed until after july of 2013 when the new talisay fibre optics server is on line the location of the new main server is close to the srp high way in talisay city it will be able to provide a 100 mb download to most of south cebu. after they change the local cabinetts to support it.the local cabinetts are called dslams. and as for now the phillipines main root server for all the phillipines is located in singapoor and has been the source of may of the internet problems in all the phillipines.


  8. clifford zawel is a retired american internet communications engineer with more than 20 years in in the use of using computer for audio video communications now call voip systems like skype or yahoo messanger and now facebook which is largly using skype systems to use then audio vide chat on the facebook. now the telecom companys are rushing to get very high bandwidth to avail the use of compined audio video telephone useage . as they are very aware how mush bandwidth is needed for video streaming to see the person you are talking to mr. cliffords email is for questions and answers


  9. UPDATE!!!! Globe said in its recent press release quoting its President and CEO Ernest Cu that proceeds of the recent P10-billion retail bond issuance of Globe Telecom will be used to partially fund the massive $700-million network modernization program which the telecom giant is currently undertaking.

    The modernization plans, Globe said includes the rolling out of 10,000 kilometers of fiber optic in the implementation of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology that will bring high-speed data to mobile phones and other data terminals.


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