This Electric Flat Iron is Disposable!

I do it myself! Yes, ironing my clothes is better doing it myself than hiring someone to do it. It only takes one hour of my boring weekend hours. And my companion is my one-year old Camel Electric Flat Iron that i bought upon arriving here in Metro Manila.

Unfortunately, it stopped working Sunday night with its pilot light no longer lit and its ironing plate was not heating. I always fix my own stuff being a trained electronics technician myself. I can fix minor problems as long as a multi-tester(i don’t have it) is not needed and as far as my eyes can see (i need glasses seeing fine details).

I’m very familiar and has skills on disassembling electronic and electrical gadgets which i gained after years of doing troubleshooting chores. However, i had a hard time dismantling my electric Iron last night. The nose, the forward side of the iron, is screwed from the plastic case to the base plate. I couldn’t remove the plastic case because it’s heavily stuck on its base. I need to break the post where the screw is mounted just to open it. As a result, i had a deformed electric iron. It is now a useless stuff.

I ended up throwing away to the bin my one-year old electric flat iron. It’s disposable.


I resorted to using my back-up travel flat iron that i usually carry whenever on out-of-town trips. It’s a Nikon convertible blow dryer and flat iron. Just attach the plate to the dryer’s body using the latch and lock. Switch on to “Iron” to use it as a flat iron. The dryer won’t operate if the ironing plate is attached. Although, the heat plate won’t generate much heat like the regular flat iron but it can fix minor crumple of your clothes.

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