UPDATE: Intermittent Edimax WiFi Router

It’s been two months that i have been using a brand new unit of Edimax Wi-fi Router as a replacement of my original unit which had intermittent connection. Read here my original post: http://wp.me/p8C1e-1mz

However, instead of providing me the exact model of the unit (BR 6226) another model was given to me. It’s the BR 6225n with a single radio unit. The BR 6226 is deemed to have more power considering it has two radio amplifiers on it.

Edimax BR 6226 WiFi Router with two radio antenna

Edimax BR 6225n with single radio antenna

In an online chat lately, an Edimax Phil. representative told me that the BR 6226 has been phased out. I was convinced that the replacement unit–BR 6225n has the same firmware with BR 2662.

But i am still not satisfied and even disappointed of the performance of the brand new unit. I am still suffering as i am still experiencing intermittent connection on my laptop. My laptop is in my room and is connected via LAN cable.

I have to reset the Edimax WiFi Router every time i lost connection. It’s so annoying and frustrating. Maybe, i will settle for another well-known brand of WiFi routers soon.


8 thoughts on “UPDATE: Intermittent Edimax WiFi Router

  1. Having the same prob with my 6225n, even upgraded my firmware (which is v1.14, downloaded via edimax website). It seems to occur only on wi-fi connection because my desktop has a stable connection. I need to manually powercycle the modem to be able to use the wi-fi. Can you help me configure it? It’s quite old, so im thinking of replacing it. Thanks 😀


  2. there could be many factors affecting your router’s intermittent connection

    try bypassing your router and directly connect your computer to your modem if it’s still the same then it’s a problem with your ISP or the modem

    you can also try changing the ethernet cables from your modem to the router and router to the computer because that maybe the cause of the intermittent connection

    also try accessing the router’s settings and look for a field like max idle time, and set it to a higher number of minutes or seconds

    and test the connection with your firewall or antivirus software disabled


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