Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Shortcuts Missing (Updated with bug fix)

It’s been reported since last week in several sites that some shortcuts in Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge went missing and no longer can be retrieved.

I experience the same last night when the Data Connection and Wifi Hotspot buttons went missing from the shortcuts at the pull down menu of my S6. It cannot also be found even if you open the list of shortcuts under “edit’. Now my option is to go to Settings and Data Usage to turn on the Mobile Data. See images below.

11539827_804178379689090_1838458663_o  11541496_804178363022425_1176866307_o11639302_803954289711499_1274296640_o

Based on some websites, S6 owners from all over the world are reporting this glitch. Samsung has reportedly acknowledged it on its Twitter account but has yet to offer the bug fix.

We’ll wait and see for the coming developments of this issue and i’ll update this post.

In less than an hour, i had contacted Samsung and they gave me this Apk file(379.8KB) to fix the error on the shortcut menu.

S6 Quick Panel
It’s better to save the files directly on your device not from a PC so you won’t need to transfer the Apk file to your device. Just follow the steps provided by Samsung and it’s a go. Check the screenshots of my device below where the Quick Panel Icons are successfully restored in just few clicks. Download the Apk file here.

11535222_804325429674385_1702888954_o 11539708_804325406341054_755199406_o 11640546_804325916341003_1028445748_o

If you are not confident enough to follow the steps above, you may go to your nearest Samsung Service Center and let their technicians do the restoration for you. 🙂

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