Globe’s Samsung Galaxy S6 is Both-SIM slots locked

globe s6

You can only use Globe SIM cards on the dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S6 from Globe.
That’s a fact. And it’s unfortunate. It’s a business decision that selfishly curtail the way consumers can use the phone.

Though, the unit from Globe is subsidized by the telco but it won’t make Globe poorer if it opens the second SIM-card slot. Other network like Sun Cellular is not locking both SIM cards slots in their  phone offering.

Here are my arguments why Globe should open the second SIM card slot:

  1. Competitors like Sun Cellular network has been allowing the second SIM-card slot on its phone offering to be used for SIM cards from other network;
  2. Samsung purposely bring the Dual-SIM version of S6 in the Philippines because Filipino consumers love to use dual-SIM slots for the purpose of maintaining two phone subscriptions in one phone;
  3. It won’t make Globe poorer since the second SIM-card slot is inferior in features than the SIM1-card slot. The S6’s SIM1 is LTE-capable while the SIM2 slot is only HSPA+; and
  4. Logically and intelligently, you don’t carry a dual-SIM phone with two Globe numbers.

Globe can still reconsider its policy and allow more subscribers to access to the S6 through its various postpaid plans.

UPDATE (May 20, 2015)
I received this morning a firmware update on my S6. At first I thought it was the usual OTA update from Samsung while at the same time i was hoping it is about the SIM2 slot.

It was indeed for the SIM2 slot. I tried this afternoon my SIM card from Sun and it works now. Globe has opened the SIM2. Though, SIM2 is limited only to GSM network. Meaning, i can’t use the Sun SIM for data connection. Nevertheless, i can use the SIM2 for other network. The SIM2 of the S6 is capable up to HSPA+. Check the specs and review of the S6 by Yugatech.

Globe has responded to my several tweets to them and this blog post. Thank you Globe for listening. Next time lubos-lubosin n’yo na ang pag-open and don’t limit it to GSM-only.

UPDATE (May 22, 2015)

The images below show how Globe limits our access to the SIM2 of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Though, the telco opens the SIM2 slot but it has the leverage to limit the features to their advantage. Full opening of the SIM2 would allow it to access data connection and would mean Globe’s loss as far as revenues for data connection are concerned.

Image#1 shows both SIMs have signal.
Image#2 indicates “GSM ONLY” for SIM2’s network mode
Image#3 shows SIM1 has full access to the network, while
Image#4 shows SIM2 is unable to view the Access Point Names setting.

11297416_790646684375593_2086172808_o11348499_790646644375597_1975069388_o 11337090_790646661042262_363533610_o 11335878_790646651042263_1667680593_o

20 thoughts on “Globe’s Samsung Galaxy S6 is Both-SIM slots locked

  1. Maybe it would be much better if they will allow users to use the sim2 for data connection..(wdcma: wdcma/gsm: lte/wdcma/gsm) coz there are some places that the Globe data connection is slow, so that the users can also switch the data connection vice versa.. pleasw globe.. i think it will get more customers if you do will do that 😉


  2. hi All, Can you check if sun on sim2 or sim1 LTE is working? I tried mine using smart sim, it’s not working.. it only allow GSM.

    Hope to hear from you guys.


  3. Hi! I can attest to this. I received the update (I think it’s from Samsung) May 22, if my memory serves me right. My auto-update was still on that time that’s why I received the update. Now my phone works on Globe (Sim 1) and Sun (Sim 2)

    Note: I called Globe earlier to confirm this but they have no idea since this is a device related concern.


  4. HI. How can I get the firmware that opens the S6 sim card slot 2? Do I have to go to globe to get that? Thanks in advance.


    • Per personal experience, the update was sent via OTA (on-the-air) when i went online. It was sent to me just like when any phone would receive updates from the manufacturer. In this case, i don’t know if the update is from Samsung or from Globe.
      Try going online thru Wi-Fi and wait if you could receive an update. If not, go to Globe and inquire about it.


      • I went to globe yesterday and asked about this. They said that both sim slots are locked to globe. They have not opened sim2 to other networks. So receiving the firmware to open sim2 is by chance only? I asked technicians in greenhills if they can unblock the s6. They said that there isn’t a program to do that yet. I am so frustrated with my phone. I really want to use the sim2 for my sun number.


          • I am happy to say that I have been using my sim2 for sun for 3 weeks. I tried my friend’s sun nano sim and it worked. I do not know if I received a firmware from samsung. Globe definitely does not know about this. Greenhills wasn’t able to help me too. I suggest you try another sim. One that was not cut to downsize into a nano. I initially used my cut sim and it did not work. So I thought sim2 was still blocked. Fortunately, I decided to try another sim and it worked. 🙂


          • I also availed of the samsung s6 upon recontracting with Globe.

            Initially, my Sun sim was not recognized. So, I called up Globe’s hotline where it was confirmed that both sim slots were locked to Globe and I was adviced to visit any nearby Globe store to have my phone unlocked.

            Luckily, I did not have to go to any Globe store because after updating my phone, my sun sim was already recognized.

            Try updating your phone first.


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