Globe is Sharing Our Numbers to Marketers

I’ve been hearing complaints against Globe from a quite number of postpaid subscribers who have been receiving text messages from marketers of real estate, financing, and other similar enterprise.

Most of the complaining postpaid subscribers accused Globe of deliberately “sharing” their numbers without their consent. Naturally, Globe denied the accusations. I didn’t react to it until i myself have been experiencing it.

Just one or two days after i started using my postpaid number from Globe in May this year, i’d received this text (first image below) from a marketer of a condo unit. I couldn’t believed that in that short time, my number was shared to other person.

First, i thought it was just an isolated case. But it has been followed with several text messages believably from marketers of different products. So, i suspect that someone in Globe has linked with some marketers for free or for a fee and shared our numbers.



Globe may claim the messages were sent randomly–meaning, the senders are just dialing any numbers and luckily selected your number among millions of numbers. However, the messages have same patterns–every message is from marketers who are selling their stuff and are targeting people whom they believe are their target market. Experts call it “Push-Messages” marketing

You may file a complaint if you can afford to spend time at Globe or NTC. What i have been doing is to block the numbers once i received similar messages. But there are a lot of them. So, i am still receiving from time to time similar unwanted messages..

Globe should fire some people who have access to their lists of subscribers.


I’ve got a reply from Globe minutes after i posted a Tweet of this post– 

Globe replies


Lately, i received again SPAMs. But only few since i’ve been blocking all SPAM #.

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