Globe’s “Free Facebook Only” Promo

However, i have discovered that it’s not only Facebook that is free while using Globe’s “Free Facebook Only” on my smartphone. Almost all apps are working on the internet–from, Skype, WeChat, Twitter, YahooMail, and Gmail while availing the promo which runs from October 31, 2013 to January 25, 2014.

(Screenshot below shows Skype Chat that i tried using the Globe’s promo this afternoon.)

962884_498355780271353_1888165742_nI don’t know if we have the same experience but i always do some experiments whenever there are promos by telcos to prove if it’s not only a marketing gimmick. And this one is a good discovery. Supposedly, after completing the registration process to enjoy the Globe’s “Free Facebook Only“, the free service is within the bounds of FB and any link outside it when you proceed shall be charged as shown in the right image below. Left image below shows the words “Free Data” just below the status bar indicating you’re on  Globe’s “Free Facebook Only“.

1415744_498354016938196_1010129233_n 1454506_498357353604529_641162103_n

Another discovery– i tried proceeding to the outside link and again, to my amusement i was able to connect to the link/page without incurring any additional charges. I’m not lying here. No extra charges at all. It’s because the Globe number i used in this curiosity experiment is my “public” prepaid number and it has been on ZERO load credit for several months now.
Purposely i used my prepaid number because my earlier contention is that i would still be charged for other app-related connection to the net while availing the  Globe’s “Free Facebook Only” service if i’ll used my postpaid account.
Why my doubts? Here’s the explanation. When you avail of the  Globe’s “Free Facebook Only” service, you need to turn on the “mobile data” switch of your smartphone so that it’s data modem shall work and connect to the internet. By doing so, all your apps that are pre-programmed to automatically update to its respective server shall be connected to the net and therefore, incur corresponding charges. To avoid this, i’m using my prepaid number with zero load credits to avail of the  Globe’s “Free Facebook Only“.

The only app that didn’t work for me (at least on me) is YouTube. The video is buffering or loading but i’m not sure if it gonna play or not under the free service. Tethering is also not possible under the  Globe’s “Free Facebook Only“.


There are three (3) ways to avail the free service: 1.) Dial *143# , choose FREE FB and follow the prompts; 2.) Logon to on your phone browser; and 3.) Launch the Facebook app.

(Left image below shows the FREE FB on a web browser while on the right image below is the Facebook app using the free service with the words “Free Data” on the top of the page.)

1454455_498354600271471_1359251649_n 1415744_498354016938196_1010129233_n

If you opt out from the Globe’s “Free Facebook Only” service, dial *143#, choose FREE FB and STOP. 🙂


Globe is already collecting me whenever i proceeded to view the link outside of Facebook. The image below, shows i am subscribed to a one-day 10MB data connection and loaned from Globe a P10-load since my prepaid number is empty.


One thought on “Globe’s “Free Facebook Only” Promo

  1. So, if you have zero load how can you check if they are willing to charge you or not in the same moment that you switched on the 3G data connection and, as you correctly said “all your apps that are pre-programmed to automatically update to its respective server shall be connected to the net and therefore, incur corresponding charges”.
    I actually tried once (8th Jan 2015) the 1 day FB promo and I immediately incurred in charge at the same moment I turn on the mobile data connection.
    I have reported the issue today to Globe Telecom facebook user and I asked them what to do in order to avoid to be charged for connections started automatically by system and apps.
    And while they can’t deny and they advice me to disable the autoupdate of all apps or to limit the autoupdate to Wifi-only they failed to explain how to avoid all other kind of sync (e-mail, instant messaging from Skype, Yahoo, etc.) and how to avoid to be charged if while using any app with advertising banners (the most) those apps will flash a connection to their own advertising servers.
    All the question above are completely skipped and there’s absolutely NO MENTION in any official Q&A page about Globe Free FB (oh they forget to tell the people how to avoid unwanted charges when they will switch on the mobile data! oh…what a coincidence!)
    I personally think, but I haven’t tried yet (it will make me very angry to get charged for something I should not) that to avoid regular data charges, if not using a SIM with zero load, the “background data” option in “Accounts and sync settings” must be turned off; more over, while the mobile data is on, must be avoided to open any other app that is not the one used to navigate FB, and finally, I think is required to use the official FB app as using other apps, like the system Internet browser or alternative browser like Opera, might start connections outside that will trigger the charge without any warning.


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