Samsung Galaxy Grand–My Near-Perfect Phone

I had been looking for my perfect phone until i was convinced that the Samsung Galaxy Grand GT 19082 is an ideal smartphone for me. A “perfect phone”doesn’t always expensive. It depends upon your needs and your budget.


What makes a perfect phone?

SMARTPHONE, It’s no debate that these days you need access to the internet any where and anytime. You need a portable computer in your pocket that can store files within reach. And you need it to be connected to the net. The SG Grand has all the basic qualities of a smartphone.

CAMERA, Portability makes the smartphone viable. We are fond of documenting any thing, any where and any time. The SG Grand sports a decent 8-mega pixel rear camera and a 2-mega pixel front camera which shoot a good image during video call.



DISPLAY, Touchscreen and high-resolution display are two most attractive features that most smartphone users are looking for. They need a phone to act as video player, reader, game console, etc. A touchscreen interface is needed for all of this. The Grand has a very responsive touch display and a screen packed with a low 187ppi (iPad Mini is 163ppi). However, the 480 x 800 WVGA resolution of the Grand on a 5-inch screen makes it lesser densed compared to other pricey smartphones. The pixels are a little bit stretched. But yet the display is still enjoyable.

SPEED, The dual-core ARMv7 processor of the Grand stays competitive with the top smartphones. In the Antutu Benchmarking below, the Grand registered at 8827 and stands at 12th rank next to SII.



PRICE, Cheap is not always inferior. All it takes is how much you get out of your money’s worth. The Grand gives the qualities of a smartphone, a decent camera, a responsive touch display, a more-than-average speed, and a competitive price at P15,999. You can get the Grand for free under SunDroid Rush.

FUNCTIONALITY, How do you use the phone matters most in looking your ideal phone. A bonus by Samsung for Grand users is its Dual-SIM capability (both SIM can be set to 3G one at a time) and its expandable storage (up to 32GB). These features are not always found in high-priced smartphones. I have two active SIM cards on the Grand which makes me comfortable than bringing two separate phones at all times. It has also the Smart Stay and Multi-Window features which are only available in Samsung high-end phones like the Note 2 and S4.

For more technical reviews of the Grand, i recommend this site.

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