Facebook is Looking Better

Facebook is Looking Better

Facebook has again overhauled the Timeline of its users to appear more neat and organized.
It’s implementing a Tab-style menu: Timeline, About, Friends, Photos, and More.
The Timeline tab which is the landing page is still has two columns but all the posts are placed in only one column (right) unlike before that all posts were randomly placed in both columns making it cluttered.
The left column arranges the other sections of your account in 3 x 4 inches boxes, to name: About, Friends, Photos, Places, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Likes, Notes, Instagram, Pinterest, and Recent Activity. In the Timeline, you can add directly the Movies and TV Shows that you’ve watched. Facebook displays all possible movies that you’ve watched in the past. You can also add the book titles you’ve read. The TV Shows include foreign and local (Philippines) TV shows mostly from the top two networks. Old TV shows like “Six Million Dollar Man” are also in the list.

facebook movies
You can scroll down the right column for all your posts with infinity. I hope there’ll be a “back to the top button” to get to the top easily.The About page displays your sections in more detailed presentation.
The advantage of a Tab-style is you can find the menu whatever pages you’ll open. So, it would be easy to directly go to other pages without using the back button of the browser.

So far, not every one has see and use the new Facebook profile. It has been rolled in staggered basis. Just wait for your turn.

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