Cherry Mobile Flare Now on Sun Plan

Last month, i’d noticed that Sun Cellular has tied-up with local mobile phone brand Cherry Mobile in offering the latter’s one, if not the best-selling phone models–the Cherry Mobile Flare. The Flare was offered under the regular Sun Plan 350 (image below) that comes with unlimited Sun calls & text and 250 text to other networks. The Flare unit is given free under the plan.


Lately, Sun offered the Flare again in another plan. This time, it’s offered as one of the several smart phones given free under the Tri-Net Plan 350 which include Unlimited Sun calls & texts and Unlimited Texts to Smart and Talk n’ Text. The plan is awesome considering the unlimited text to three networks plus a free smart phone.

887714_386604511446481_74191013_o However, the Flare is very rare to find even under these plans of Sun Cellular. At least in one of the Sun Shop in Shangri-la EDSA when i inquired this week, the Flare is still not available. Some Cherry Mobile fans posted on the CM fan page on Facebook also reported that the Flare is not available in other Sun Shops.

But, worry no more because you could settle to an almost-the-same specs as Flare with another unit available in the  Sun Tri-Net 350 plan (check the image above). It’s the Cherry Mobile Burst. The only minor differences in Burst from the Flare is the processor which is 1GHz unlike the 1.2GHz of Flare and the battery pack which is 1,500mAh compared to Flare’s 1,600mAh.

The Burst is also sold at P3,999, same with the Flare. So, it’s a better alternative to the Flare. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Cherry Mobile Flare Now on Sun Plan

  1. phase out na po ba yung CM FLARE?? kasi wala na pong nilalalbas na ganiang phone yung SUNCELLULAR nagbabablak kasi po sana kami mag plan THANK YOU PO 🙂


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