heyÜ–PLDT’s VoIP Service

PLDT has started rolling out its VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service giving its subscribers the taste of internet calling technology. The service is named heyÜ

heyÜ is the latest all-in call service of PLDT which allows a device to call via the internet any mobile and landline phones as well as tablets installed with the heyÜ app. The service is given free for all Telpad subscribers since they have the internet service at home with a free tablet that can be used for the heyÜ functionality. Here’s how to avail heyÜ:

heyU works

I haven’t read any instruction if you’re not an existing Telpad subscriber of PLDT on how to register a heyÜ account. Anyway, upon approval of your registration, PLDT shall provide you with a USERNAME and PASSWORD which you will need in configuring the heyÜ app which will be installed on your cell phone or tablet. An instruction on how to install the app and how to configure your heyÜ account on the app shall be sent to you along with your username and password.

If everything is doing fine, the heyÜ app can now be used and your account is ready for any call. Otherwise, call 171 and ask the PLDT agents to connect your call to heyÜ customer representatives for assistance. Below is the heyÜ app on my phone telling my account is now ready.


Remember heyÜ is a VoIP service, meaning your calls from your phone must go through the internet. So, connect your device–cell phone or telpad tablet (or any tablet) to either Wi-Fi or 3G service first and launch the heyÜ app that has been installed on your gadget. heyÜ is only available for now in Android phones. Download the apps from here.

heyu android

For all Telpad plan, heyÜ registration is FREE. Telpad users have also these perks: free to call from heyÜ to heyÜ, free to call PLDT landlines (including NDD), only P5.00 per minute to call Smart, Talk N’Text, and Sun cellphones, and as low as P1.50 per minute for International Calls (US, Canada & Hawaii). Click here for the overseas call rates. 

I tried using heyÜ in calling my PLDT number at home in Cebu. But the sound from the other end of the line is so low. I still have to figure out how to increase the volume of the call since it’s really low even if you will adjust the volume rocker of the phone. I don’t know yet if it’s related to my internet connection or whatever is the cause. It’s something PLDT should resolve otherwise heyÜ is a failure.

3 thoughts on “heyÜ–PLDT’s VoIP Service

  1. I subsribed to an additional service last July 2015 the recently called TELPAD . I downloaded heyU since this is the main reason why I got the TELPAD since I travel a lot to Manila and Cebu. Until now, my heyU is not working. I do believe that all these marketing about heyU is a hype just to prove PLDT is on the forefront of the telco business. It is a disgusting failure!


  2. please anyone! I need the heyu app version 1.16 for android. alternatively can anyone indicate the sip connection details as of host, outbound proxy, and registrar?


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