Facebook Introduces Graph Search on Friend’s Contents

Facebook introduces today another innovation in the largest social networking site. This time, it allows searches for specific contents on friends. Facebook users may search within its network specific items like: “People who like Cycling and are from my hometown.” Of course, the integrity of the data searched depends on how truthful your friends on their profile details. Some may not include “cycling” as one of his activities in his profile data.

graph searchI tried searching for “People who live in my city” and the results shows my friends who are in Makati City where i am presently residing. Facebook is basing the search results on my profile where i indicated my present city as Makati City. If i had my profile indicates my home city–Mandaue as my present city, the result would be different.

search tryThe Graph Search is now in use by selected few Facebook users and is only available in English. If you want to be one of the first to use the Graph Search, you can go to this page.

waiting listFacebook says Graph Search is different from Google Search since the latter based the searches on keywords. Graph Search combines the words in the phrase to get precise results. Could this be a hint that Facebook is the next Google?


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