Nokia’s HERE to go 3D

Nokia’s new brand of its map service–HERE will be boosted further by its 3D capabilities as soon as the buy-out of a 3D capture company shall be completed at the end of 2012.

Nokia has a planned acquisition of Earthmine of Berkeley, California to advance its 3D capabiities for HERE. Earthmine has reality capture and processing technologies which will become integral parts of HERE’s 3D map.

Nokia has envisioned HERE to deliver the world’s best maps accessible in various operating systems and multiple screens. HERE is going to be launched for iOS based on HTML5. Nokia has also entered a strategic partnership with Mozilla–the maker of Firefox OS in preparation for the mobile web version of HERE using the Firefox OS next year.

Nokia also announces its plan to release early next year the HERE SDK for Android paving the way for the development of location-based applications in Android devices.

Along with HERE, Nokia introduced the LiveSight technology which is reportedly based on the most accurate 3D map of the world. LiveSight shall provide “the most precise and intuitive augmented reality experience” using Nokia City Lens which is developed exclusively for Nokia Lumia devices.

Nokia’s development of HERE is seen as a good move especially now that the map service of Apple on it’s latest iPhone device has failed. Try Nokia HERE.


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