Online Shopping Even Without a Credit Card

Online shopping is no longer exclusive to credit card holders. You can now shop in any online sites using prepaid card that works like a credit card. It’s actually a debit card but works on credit card terminals and also to facilitate our purchases online, especially from online sites based abroad.

To date, there are two prepaid virtual cards available that i have known in the Philippines: the BPI’s my ePREPAID and Globe’s American Express Virtual Card.

I’ve been using the my ePREPAID to purchase plane tickets online since August this year. I tied the card to my BPI Savings Account so that i could easily fund it whenever i decide to purchase online. The American Express Virtual Card is tied to Globe’s GCash which can be funded through the GCash wallet or your bank account.

Both cards don’t allow ATM cash withdrawal and funds don’t earn interest. However, it doesn’t require maintaining balance and of course, you don’t have any bill worries because it’s your money that is stored in the card. my ePREPAID is valid for two years with P600 card fee (click here for the rates) while the American Express Virtual Card can be availed in three registration schemes: one month (P25), Six months (P140), and one year (P250).

So, no more credit card bills to worry and no more credits while enjoying online shopping.


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