Globe launches Google Free Zone

Globe Telecom has become the world’s first telecom operator to offer to its mobile subscribers Google’s Free Zone— a new product of Google that allows free access to its social networking site, email service, and search engine. The service, according to Google, works better in featured phones than in smartphones as it is not optimized in the latter.

Users can share on Google+, send and receive email via Gmail, and search at Google on their mobile phone without incurring data charges – no data plan needed. However, Globe as its partnered operator in the Philippines has outline the limitation for Free Zone in the following:

With Free Zone, users get unlimited access to:

SEARCH: Users can search the Web and access the first page of websites from the results
without getting charged. If they click further, users are directed to a page where they 
can subscribe to a data plan to continue. But for as long as they stay within the Free 
Zone, charging will not take place.

EMAIL: Even without a data plan, users can still send and receive text emails while on 
the go via Gmail. Uploading and downloading attachmentscarry corresponding data charges.

SHARING: Google+ lets users share the right things withthe right people at the right 
time. Check out family photos and share within an intimate circle just as easily as 
you can follow the latest Lady Gaga updates.

Read the FAQ in Google for more details and take heed on Globe’s instructions on how to avail the “free data service” on your mobile phone. To avail of the Google services on your phone free of data charges, simply text LIBRE to 8888 for free or visit on the phone’s default browser.

Google and Globe said users will be notified once they shall click through out of the free zone and pay the corresponding data charges.

I’m going to test this service tonight and i shall update this post with my experiences with it.


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