REVIEW: Nokia C2-02 Touch & Type Phone

For almost three months now, i’ve been using one of the Nokia’s medium-range feature phone with a touch-and-type capabilities. It’s the Nokia C2-02 which was released a little over a year ago designed to both touch screen and keypad enthusiasts. Composition of text is done on the alpha-numeric keypads while other commands can be directly executed on the 2.6-inch resistive touch screen. Making a call can be both done on touch-screen by using an on-screen dialer and by the keypads while the phone is slide-out.


  • First line is the Notification Area which includes the usual items like radio signal strength, battery status, new message, lock screen, alarm, etc.
  • Second line shows the Network Operator and the User Profile which is interactive–tapping it will send you to the User Profile selection (General, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor, Flight, and two other personal settings–MyStyle1 & MyStyle2) .
  • Third line is occupied by the digital clock and the Date. Tapping the clock will open for the Alarm Setting while the tapping the Date opens the Calendar.
  • The fourth, fifth, and sixth lines are customizable for any applications and widgets.
  • The last line in the start screen is My Shortcuts with three touch buttons–Left, Menu and Right. The left and right buttons can be customized. The Menu opens to all the built-in functions of the phone.

The Nokia C2-02 has a Call and End physical buttons which are used to initiate and stop a call. Pressing the Call button from standby mode will open the Call History.

The Volume rocker and the Unlock/Lock switch are located at the right side of the phone.

The 3.5mm earphone jack, mini-USB for data connection and the Charger jack are located at the top of the phone.

The 2MP rear camera is well-setted side-by-side of the loudspeaker.

The Nokia C2-02 is no 3G nor has a Wifi connectivity. So, expect a slower browsing via GPRS and EDGE at 48kbps the maximum. However, the Nokia browser delivers a little over than nil while surfing.

Though the Nokia C2-02 has a very limited connectivity options but its social features are organized for our convenience. One thing i am disappointed is its message function of the Facebook app because it didn’t work  when i tried replying to the messages.


  • Touch and type give me the convenience of composing text messages and the ability to confirm what we do via the touch screen. The threaded SMS conversation is great when you tried recalling your previous conversation with a contact.
  • The slider creates more space and ample area for the keypad and screen.
  • The expansion slot up to 32GB make this phone awesome for music playing.
  • The battery consumption is as minimal as the other medium range phones in the market despite its inability to recharge over USB.


  • The touch screen, as described by some, is not just a mere touch on the display panel but you need to exert a little push or they call it “touch press” to trigger the button. The brightness of the display screen is enough but you can’t adjust it.
  • Sometimes i’d experienced missing text which i can’t attribute to the network but on the memory of the phone.
  • The phone is slower a bit especially noticeable when you are used to the faster smartphones. It’s one of the remaining phones using the Symbian S40 6th Edition.


The Nokia C2-02 is as good as a back-up phone and for messaging purposes but not really for surfing the net. The internet perks are just icing on a cake for this phone which probably can be useful whenever everything else got failed somewhere. You can try this phone if you’re budget conscious. It’s a good start for Nokia jumping from the traditional feature phone into an S40 feature slider touch-and-type phone.

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