Telco War: Who is pulling the cart first?

Yesterday’s post on this blog reads: “Globe Links with HK Telco for LTE Data Roaming.”

Globe Telecom claims it has launched the first LTE data roaming service ahead of its rival–Smart Communications by inking a partnership with China Mobile Hongkong Company Limited.

Does It mean Globe users can now use the LTE data roaming once they set foot the former British colony? I’m waiting this afternoon for Globe’s corporate communications office to make a clarification.

In the meantime, let me share Smart’s version of its LTE data roaming service. In its published post in their website today, the headline reads : “Smart, StarHub set up LTE roaming interconnect link between PH and SG“.

Smart claims they are “first” in setting up the LTE roaming interconnect link with a Singapore telco–StarHub. The Interconnect links, the press release explains,  “provide the infrastructure needed to connect subscribers of one operator to the network of another operator, a crucial first step toward commercial roaming.”

Does it mean Globe told half of the story yesterday and their roaming partnership is still on the paper and that it has yet to set up a physical link to interconnect its LTE services with China Hongkong Mobile?

I’m posting this follow-up story while waiting for answers of my questions above from Yoly Crisanto, Head of Corporate Communications at Globe Telecom.

(UPDATE: Here’s Yoly Crisanto’s reply to my first question)

"Absolutely yes!!!  We are undisputed first commercial data roaming 
LTE live!!! hehehe"

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