Finally! I’m buying an iPad Mini

Ever since i consider an iPad as a toy more than a working buddy. And that made me hesitant in purchasing the tablet even after the third generation iPad had came out. Now that Apple has come out a downsized version of the tablet–the iPad Mini, i have decided to acquire one by-hook-or-by-crook. That’s how i am interested in getting the latest gadget which has been launch today. Before i go futher, let’s have a commercial break from Apple.

The iPad Mini is thinner than a pencil and more than half lighter than the regular iPad. It has the same display resolution with the 1st and 2nd generation iPad. Here’s the specs of the iPad Mini:

 7.9-inch display Dual-core A5 processor
 53% lighter than full-sized iPad at 0.68 lbs
 7.2mm thin and 0.68 pounds light
 23% thinner than 4th-gen iPad
 Display resolution: (same as 1st and 2nd-gen iPads)1,024 by 768 pixels
 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi @ 5.2Ghz
 FaceTime HD front camera
 5-megapixel iSight rear camera
 Lightning connector
 10-hour battery life
 New Smart Covers available for iPad mini
 In white and "slate black"-- no aluminum hinge; all one matte material
 LTE options

Analysts say that the ultimate war between the 7-inch tablet sector is no longer in the specs but in the pricing. While Google’s Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire are priced starting at $199 or below $300 for the 16GB WiFi only version, the iPad Mini is selling at $329 when preorders open this Friday while international shipping shall begin next week in several countries. The 4G LTE version will come in later date.

An iPad Mini (as a toy buddy), a Microsoft Surface Tablet PC (for personal use), a Mac PRO (working laptop), a Dual-SIM Smartphone and extra phones, and a Bluetooth headphone shall complete my wish list in the coming months ahead of me. Good luck and God bless to me.

By the way, Apple has also surprised everyone attending the media launch event early today with an announcement of the fourth-generation iPad or the iPad 4 with some upgrades from the New iPad version.

New LTE chipset (works more networks worldwide)
Front camera (supports FaceTime with 720p HD video capture)
2x faster Wi-Fi connectivity
New cables for SD and USB connectivity
10 hours of battery life
Same configuration/pricing starting points (i.e. starts at
16GB Wi-Fi only for $499, etc.)

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