REVIEW: myPhone T23 Duo (Updated)


After just a year and a half of using myphone T23 Duo, it already shows some signs of instability which would lead to its early demise. I bought the phone in April 1, 2011 during a sale which myPhone initiated way back in Cebu and i’d some good impressions on it. Read my original post here.

The touchscreen is no longer responsive and shows irregularities while navigating it. The FM tuner is not turning off even if you pulled out already the earphone jack which serves as its antenna (good but that’s not normal for this phone).

However, the phone is still functional and can still be used for other functions like:

  • listening to FM stations since the T23 Duo has a good audio quality due to the Yamaha amplifier on it.
  • use the phone as an MP3 player to drive an audio component set.
  • use the phone for voiceover recording
  • use the phone for alarm
  • use it with an old SIM for monitoring purposes.

I don’t know if that 18 months of using the phone is too short for this China-made phone or it’s really its life span. I handled with care this phone just like my other phones but it seems the unit has gave way naturally. I’m not disappointed considering its cheaper price of P2,488 when i bought the phone.

The phone, by the way, is already phased out and production of the same and its variants has already been stopped. The myPhone T23 Duo has a Wi-Fi and built-in TV variants.


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