adds security features against hacking adds security features against hacking

The Philippine official portal– has installed a security feature that will ward off potential DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on its site. DDoS has been an old-fashioned but still effective way to cripple a site by using computer bot nets that tries to visit the site at one time.

The has been using CloudFlare security feature–which promises protection against all threats.

Government sites had been the subject of hacking attacks by hackers belonging to Anonymous Philippines.

Before one can open the page of, CloudFlare security feature will process the request for about 5 seconds before a visitor is given access.

This is done by 1– Checking the browser integrity, 2– Building reputation data, 3– Creation of Trust and Block lists, 4– Saving bandwidth while stopping threats, 5– Adding a layer of protection to ports, 6– Using the community for collaborative security.

We’ll see how the hackers should react to this security feature and how good or bad they are in intruding some web sites.


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