Another Email Scam!

Another Email Scam!

Many times we’ve encountered spams in our email inboxes. But the most damaging of all are the ones that embedded with malicious links on the email itself.

The links, like the one above, would expose our identities and our accounts to thieves if not damage our computers. One way to avoid being victimize by these scams is to ensure you receive an email from a reliable source.

In the image above, the email is purportedly from Yahoo telling me to verify my account details in order to retain my account. If i click the link, i would compromise either my account or the computer i am using.

How to detect you’re receiving a legitimate email from a trusted source? One, companies like Yahoo don’t give us threat like suspending our accounts. Two, check the email address of the sender (in the image the sender is using if its legitimate by going to the official website of the company. In this case, obviously the email address is fake since Yahoo is not using “yahoo-inc”.

Be vigilant when you open your email Don’t just click any links if you’re not sure of the source.


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