Viewing Facebook Photos on Bing

Now there’s another way to check photos in Facebook without going to the social networking site. Microsoft’s Bing added today FRIENDS’ PHOTOS search where you can view in its search results your photos and your friends and like pages photos.

When you first use the Friends’ Photos which is still in Beta stage, Bing will prompt you to Log in to Facebook which will lead you to the usual Facebook App authorization page.

As soon as you start typing the name of your friends, the pull down menu displays the names of your friends based on the characters you typed which you can immediately choose. If the name you search is NOT in your friends’ list, the search results won’t be able to pull it from Facebook like the image below.

You can search individually and display your Friends photos and albums only or Fan Pages only or display All photos of your friends and pages at once. You can also view your own album and photos right in the search results page of the Friends’ Photos of Bing.

The new functionality of Bing search is seen as a result of Microsoft’s infusion of funds into Facebook when the giant computer firm bought 1.6 percent stake of the social networking site worth $240 million in 2007. That investment set foot Microsoft’s relation with the California-based company.


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