Nokia Asha 311 Now in the Philippines

Nokia announces today the availability in the Philippines of its latest affordable full-touch phone–Asha 311. The Nokia Asha 311 is a 3G phone and has just been released this month. The phone is packed with features that are only available in high-end smart phones like:

  • Corning Glass which gives ultra-protection for its display
  • 1Ghz processor which runs the phone fast
  • 14.4Mbps HSDPA, 5.76Mbps HSUPA that connects the phone fast to the net

Nokia describes Asha 311 as “fast and fluid” 3.5G capacitive touchscreen device but yet affordable at its suggested price of P5,650.

Nokia Asha 311 takes advantage of the Nokia browser 2.0 for faster web browsing. It comes also with free 15-level Angry bird as pre-loaded app plus an additional 40 free-to-download EA games like Tetris. Also, it has pre-loaded social applications like Facebook and Twitter directly from the home screen.

Though, the Nokia Asha 311 features a 3.2MP camera but without a secondary front camera. Another downside is the minimal internal memory of only 140MB but this can be offset by a 32GB of expandable memory. The device is available in four colours: Sand White, Blue, Dark Grey and Rose Red.

The catch for Nokia Asha 311 is its affordability of a smart phone quality.Watch this introductory video of Asha 311 on YouTube:


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