Sun Cellular Can’t Find a Person

Sun Cellular Can't Find a Person

A reply from Sun Cellular to my email inquiring about the Person Finder service.

I was a little bit annoyed and surprised to know that Sun Cellular has no “person finder” or “tracker” of sort. I’ve been using Person Finder feature in Globe and in Smart for years now when i want to locate members of my family.

Person Finder or person locator provides an approximate location of a subscriber based on triangulation method. This is done by calculating the location of the subscriber’s phone signal from three possible cell sites that the phone can connect in his vicinity.

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In Globe, a registered subscriber can be tracked by his authorized contact by sending the subscriber’s name to 7000. Smart subscribers, on the other hand, can send the message WIS (name of the subscriber) to 386. Smart has improved their person finder service.

It’s unfortunate that after all these years, Sun Cellular has yet to introduce this service which is very important for parents considering that majority of the young subscribers are into the budget subscriptions of Sun. Needless to explain, parents have to know the whereabouts of their children with the help of this available technology.

6 thoughts on “Sun Cellular Can’t Find a Person

    • Don’t let him/her track you. Everytime someone will attempt to locate you, you will be prompted by your telco to allow it or not.


  1. if ur kids are using android smartphones, u can sneak by installing “SeekDroid” or just simply encourage them to have it on their mobile.

    An SMS reply will be sent from ur kid to urs with a GPS map link of their location.

    but yur point on suncell having their own person locator is useful for people using low-end mobile phones.


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