“NUMP3 Subscription” on Globe That i Didn’t Make

I stayed outside the house almost the whole day today with my 3 kids and almost haven’t use my prepaid Globe phone, except answering a call and reading some text messages from my radio listeners. I’d been using my  prepaid Globe number to receive text messages for my radio programs and also from others.

However, i was stunned and surprised to read three (3) MMS (multi-media messages) on my inbox when i got home at around 7 o’clock this evening with these titles: “Payphone”, “Beez In the Trap”, and “Beez In the Trap”. I’d opened and play the files and i’ve realized that “Payphone” is a MP3 song while “Beez in the Trap” is a MP3 Tone.

The files are sent by special access number +3456. I’d went back to other previous messages prior to the music files and read some other messages from +3456:

  • Enjoy your FREE MP3 TONE: Beez in the Trap by Nicki Minaj Feat 2 Chainz!
  • Thank you! You are now subscribed to weekly NUMP3! You will receive your MP3 every week and be charged P30 for every MP3 sent. To stop receiving NUMP3, txt STOP NUMP3 to 3456 free. Help? Call 025159362 M-F, 9AM-5PM”

My instinct dictates me to immediately send the code–STOP NUMP3 to 3456 thinking i can unsubscribe to this unwanted service. But to no avail. Globe replied: “Your load balance is not enough to send a text. You only have P1 that will expire on 08/31/2012 17:08. Please reload soon to continue sending texts.

I tried calling the Globe’s Customer Service hotline 211 but still i can’t make a call because of the same reason–i don’t have enough balance to make a call.

What is happening?  My load credit has gone. I can’t stop the subscription. The STOP message for unsubscribing is supposedly free and calling to 211 is also free. I need an answer to all of these and i need to tell Globe that i didn’t subscribe to NUMP3 @ 3456.

Is “load theft” persists in all networks? I’d experience once with my prepaid Smart number and filed the corresponding complaint against Smart Communications before the NTC. Globe has implemented LOADWATCH to avert “load theft” and alert the subscribers of their load credit balance after every time they made calls. But it seems, it’s not averting the unauthorized subscription. I can pledge before God that i didn’t make such subscription to NUMP3 and no other person got hold of my phone today.

I’m sending a link to this post to Globe’s Corporate Communication office hoping they can initiate an investigation to this.


6 thoughts on ““NUMP3 Subscription” on Globe That i Didn’t Make

  1. Reblogged this on itsbleubutterfly and commented:
    I am experiencing this also, i am not using my phone (globe sim) very often. I am just reloading whenever i want to use my personal phone/number but wtf! They’re not giving me a chance to use it, this +3456 number will immediately send an MMS (which is i’m sure i didn’t subscribed), then Poof! My load is gone!


  2. i also had this horrible experience from this low life corporate thieves, they keep on taking my extra balance, and in return it was unable for me to send important text due to loss of credits. WTF Globe!! selfish immoral money worshiping monkeys!


    • I was able to stop the UNAUTHORIZED subscription on my phone by texting CHECK to the NUMP3 access number to find out what are those subscription. I discovered my number had subscribed to NUMP3 and another service. Then, i texted STOP (code like NUMP3) and send to the same access number. Meanwhile, GLOBE customer hasn’t provided me refund of those unauthorized subscriptions.


  3. Try this. Send the word CHECK to an access number (or any access that you”ll be receiving in the future). You will receive a txt confirmation for list of service that you are currently subscribe and follow the instruction on how to stop. All these are free of charge, however, you should have a minimum balance of at least P2.50.


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