Globe Gears Up for CURE 3G Spectrum Bidding


The Red Mobile operates under the 3G spectrum licensed to CURE. PLDT has started migrating most of Red Mobile subscribers to the Smart Network in time for the giving up of the frequency back to the National Telecommunications Commission.

In its latest statement, in response to PLDT’s announcement on CURE’s 3G spectrum, Globe Telecom shows positivism it could get the 3G frequency previously assigned to CURE. The surrender of the 3G frequency is one of the main conditions NTC has given when it approved the PLDT-Digitel merger deal last year. 

CURE’s assets, including its congressional franchise and 10 megahertz 3G license, have been surrendered to the NTC for bidding. Atty. Froilan Castelo, Head for Corporate and Legal Services of Globe said the 3G spectrum of CURE would be form part of Globe’s campaign to provide its subscribers with a better network.

The NTC is yet to announce the bidding process for CURE’s frequency.

2 thoughts on “Globe Gears Up for CURE 3G Spectrum Bidding

  1. this is a personal message to the poster

    it seems you have shown a lot of interest in the mobile phone market and wonder if you could start on network performance and some kind of indepth review of mobile internet and i am pretty sure i can provide some information as i have tried all 3 mobile internet providers and i know this is something that interest a lot of people as i have noticed when google searching


  2. it is very good to hear that Globe plans to do something about their network

    but for someone like me who has used Globe by using mobile phone and both internet connection types like tattoo and home landline but i have come across a number of issue with globe

    while they are planning to sort the network out to make it perform better for the customer they should also be working very hard on customer service because no one knows whats going on because they never talk to each other or leave a report on the system that relate to the customers account so this in turn leaves the customer on hold while being put to another department and so on but at the end of the day with no answers i have always had the feeling when dealing with customer service that they just don’t care and just pass it on to the next adviser

    they also need to handle accounts in a much better manner i have never come across a service who happens to lose account information or the delays this is the problem i had when i signed up for a globe landline and broadband package they told me everything should be complete within 10 days ok my internet connection was online within 5 days of making the application so everything in the house was setup and running until one day i went to make a call from the phone and out going calls was barred so call up Globe and they never admitted this but i got the feeling they had lost my account information and that the phone number they provided me with was inactive so in all sense i shouldnt of eveb been connected at all, after many phone calls many emails and many visits to the Globe store where i made my app it had taken almost 3 months to finally get everything sorted and they never even bothered to offer any kind of compensation or even a simple sorry but i got to say this i did have free internet while i was waiting for everything to be setup correctly so you can imagine what i was doing with a 500GB hard disk

    we also have a globe tattoo on pre-paid and as you gathered about the hard disk comment above you can safely say i am a downloader so when i used Globes tattoo then later found out it has an 800MB limit per day it was quickly thrown in the draw lets face it who sets up a very low cap on their service when we have such things as youtube and online gaming then again me personally believes if they have that such low limit it must say a lot about their service it self and that it really do need upgrading to handle more bandwidth and they need to catch up with the times becase they are the only provider who has a cap on their service.

    so in reality Globe has a lot to catch up on and also learn the word unlimited

    so good luck globe you got a long way to go before people come running to your store for service when other providers are offering better


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