Yahoo! Axis–Can it Surpasses Google’s Algorithm?

I have just downloaded and installed Yahoo! Axis–Yahoo’s latest product innovation for search and browsing the web across various devices from your desk top to iPad or iPhone.  Yahoo! Axis is a plug-in in our browser–whether IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Axis is positioned at the bottom of your browser  (image below) and will expand to its side once you hover the mouse above it.

As you type, Axis will show on the right the search results in panes which can be forwarded for the next batches of your search results.

Axis will also show the related trending topics of what you’re searching by showing it in the first pane directly below the search box. The Star sign at the side of the search box is use to bookmark pages while the Home button lets you personalize your home page.

We don’t know yet if Yahoo! Axis could catch up Google search in terms of speed and search results relevance. One innovation in Yahoo! Axis is its capability to perform across various devices which allows you to continue your work left on the first device into the other devices. Let’s say you started your search on your desk top and you transfer to your iPhone or iPad, the search page will continue on your next devices. Yahoo! Axis will prompt you to synchronize your devices. Yahoo has no word yet if the Axis is also available on Android devices which is run by its rival Google.

Here are some videos on Yahoo! Axis.


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