AT & T slashes Nokia Lumia 900 price by half

AT&T slashes Nokia Lumia 900 price by half

Nokia’s Lumia 900 Windows phone drops from $99.99 to $49.99 in the US as communication carrier AT& T is trying to lure its customers a sweet deal for a new 2-year locked-in contract.

When can we expect a price slash here in the Philippines? Smart Communications pegged the prepaid price of Lumia 900 at around $600 (PhP 27,500).

The price slash in the US is seen as to convince consumers into buying the single-core Windows phone in an anticipation of the Windows Phone 8 OS release. The upcoming OS has a multi-core processor but all existing Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) like the Lumia series can not upgrade to it.

The Nokia Lumia 900 has an astounding 4.3-inch AMOLED clear black touchscreen and an 8mp camera (More specs). When the Windows Phone 8 was announced weeks ago, it was described as a blow against Nokia as consumers will have some double thoughts whether to proceed purchasing the Lumia series or wait for a couple of months to get the new Windows phones with the Windows Phone 8 OS.

All Nokia Windows phones shall still get an update of the Windows Phone 7.8 which shall feature a new start screen (with video). 🙂


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