jun tariman

Since April 2010 my Globe Visibility (Tattoo) 3G modem can not connect to the Globe’s network on my laptop. Though, it works with other laptop and PCs. I’d got this ERROR 720 message every time i tried connecting to Globe which reads partly–“A connection to the remote computer could not be established You might need to change the network settings for this….”

I’d tried several times asking Globe Customer Service for assistance but what they can only offer is the reconfiguration of the settings of the modem. It never worked because the modem works with other computers. It was my laptop that was not working with the 3G modem.

The same experience i had before with Smart BRO PlugIt. I never resolved the Smart BRO PlugIt issue until my system was reinstalled and got a fresh O.S. That was the only time i reconnected with Smart using its 3G…

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