Lapu-Lapu Waste Turning Into Energy

Lapu-Lapu City officials lead by Mayor Paz Radaza welcomes the $1.2B waste-to-energy project in the City to be established by the American firm–Zehira USA in Sitio Soong.

About 12-15 megawatts of electricity can be produced out of the 70 tons of garbage collected daily in Lapu-Lapu City once the $1.2B waste-to-energy facility in Sitio Soong, Barangay Mactan shall be in place next year.

The facility will use the Herhof Stabilat Method–a German technology designed to convert waste into a usable energy. Lapu-Lapu City is the first of the 10 locations in the country identified for the establishment of the facility. It shall be located in a 15-hectare area in Sitio Soong where actual construction of the plant will last 18 months.

The City has no cost for the project as it will be taken cared of by the American firm- Zehira USA. Michael Jimenez, President of Zehira USA said the Herhof Technology has been used for more then 20 years in Europe with more than 50 existing plants, mostly located in Germany.

The facility shall be used as “a one-stop shop for recycling, composting and converting toxic, mining industrial and other residual wastes into pellets of energy that will be sold to cement factories and coal power plants.”

The Herhof Stabilat Method is using magnets and eddy current in separating metals and aluminum from the waste. It can also separate glass, and even colored glass, for selling to glass manufacturers later. Check this link to the video on how the Herhof Stabilat Method works or play the video below from YouTube.

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