MMDA Now Stores Traffic Video for a Month

By increasing its storage capacity, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is now keeping its traffic video archive for a month-long than the previous 7 days only.

This has been made possible lately when the MMDA has acquired additional 28TB of AV-GP hard disk drives from Western Digital.

The MMDA is in dire need of storage expansion to sustain its 24 x 7 operation. Part of their service is the distribution of their traffic video to all requesting parties. Due to limited space, the MMDA was limited to 7 days only in keeping their archives and refresh the storage of old files to make new space. The video archives are the recordings of the traffic cameras installed all over Metro Manila.

The Western Digital AV-GP hard drives “deliver 24×7 quiet operation, low temperature, best-in-class reliability and unrivalled storage capacity that are ideal for storage-intensive AV applications used by the MMDA,” said Noel Timbol, Sales Manager of Western Digital in the Philippines.


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