CloudCamp Cebu is On!


The CloudCamp Cebu @ the Marriott Hotel-Cebu today is attended by representatives from small-and-medium enterprises.

(UPDATED/Live Blogged earlier) Leading cloud computing players are in unison in saying there is no enough law that could deter cyber crime as the CloudCamp Cebu unfolds today at the Marriott Hotel-Cebu.

While Jojo Colina of ArcusIT believed any legislation is still needed in the computing world but it’s only for retribution and compensation for the damages done by the cyber criminals. According to Colina any anti-cyber crime law will not stop cyber criminals. He cited cyber crime activities done by hackers overseas who are hard to find and trace.

Cyril Rocke of DataOne Asia described however any legislation as a first step in fighting cyber criminals. But he stressed capacity-building is more essential in protecting the integrity of any systems. Rocke noted that most data theft are “inside job” or someone among the company’s own staff have a role in it.

The Philippine Congress has yet to consolidate two approved bills on cyber crimes before the proposed Cyber Crime Prevention Act of 2012 shall be signed into law by the president within the year.

Colina described security issues on cloud computing as more of a misconception than the actual security threats. He said cloud computing providers have invested much to secure their customers. John Pabellon of Net Suite described security issues as an issue of trust of the customers towards the cloud computing providers.

Christopher Syling of Intel emphasized the need for the end-users (Customers) too also secure its system as it would run futile for the providers to only secure its facilities while they’re not. Kevin Pratessa of VMware pointed to two-prong approach in addressing security issues: 1.) Physical security and 2.) Virtual security.

(Left-to-right) John Pabellon of NetSuite, Kevin Pratessa of VMware, Christopher Syling of Intel, Jojo Colina of ArcusIT, Benjie Tan of Globe Business, and Cyril Rocke of DataOne Asia during the lunch break news conference with members of the media and Cebu bloggers.

Today’s CloudCamp Cebu become as the venue for the discussion of cloud computing and its potential to small-and-medium enterprises. CloudCamp is a global event that started on March 11 in Austin, Texas.


On stage, Kevin Pratesa-Director, Service Providers and Public Cloud at VMware.


Benjie Tan of Globe Business talks about the need to back-up with the cloud.

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