The First Kapamilya Tech-Forum

The Kapamilya Tech-Forum on Sunday (June 24, 2012) was the first of its kind in Cebu where technology was the only topic in a forum. It was also the first time DyAB1512 initiated such forum through my radio show–“Pangutana” as its lead organizer.

You can listen to the recording of the forum here or at the podcast player at the sidebar of this blog.

(L-R) Engr. Bill Peralta, NTC-Dumaguete; Atty. Allan Felix Macaraya, NTC-7 Legal Officer; Atty. Mac Gordon, Legal Counsel-Globe Telecom; Jerry Yntig, Public Affairs Head-Globe; Ruben Licera, Social Media Marketing Specialist; and Dominic Perez, Computer/Cell Phone technician.


  • Globe is looking into the complaint of some attendees in the forum on the extra P2 asked by load retailers for every electronic load purchase (Ex.: load 15 is worth P17 since the actual load is worth 17 credits). Globe’s legal counsel Atty. Mac Gordon says it’s not authorized since the retailers are already given their profit margin for every load purchase.
  • The National Telecommunication Commission can’t just block any “declared” lost phone without verifying the complaint and its owner. It was also revealed by NTC Legal Officer Atty. Allan Felix Macaraya some cell phone shops went to their office to declare some alleged stolen cell phones but only to find out that the lost phone were purchased by installment and have not been paid by the buyer and the store owners just wanted to get back at the delinquent buyers. Such complaint will not be accepted by the NTC since the unit was not actually lost or taken by a thief.
  • NTC says the universal command to stop all unwanted subscription on the phone that eats up the load credits is “STOP” and send to the number where your account had been subscribed.
  • Globe admitted some minor disruptions in their communication services due to the on going “Network Transformation” project they have rolled out nationwide. The project comes in three phases: Network transformation, Commercial transformation, and People transformation; and will be completed by the end of 2012.
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist Ruben Licera advised Facebook users to post positive.  messages rather than too emotional ones on their walls. Licera explained Facebook will behave according to how we used the social networking site. A participant in the forum also asked about the hassles of having the Timeline format in their Facebook account and she wanted to remove it. Licera informed her, the Timeline can not be removed.
  • USC-KNN Finalist and computer-cell phone technician Dominic Perez advised computer users to use the full and professional versions of any anti-computer virus programs to get the maximum protection.
  • On the stalled P0.80/sms rate by the telcos, Atty. Macaraya and Atty Gordon agreed it’s better to avail of the promo option of the different telcos than paying the reduced rate of text messages. Gordon said there’s a possibility that the telcos will stop the promo and instead offer the reduced rate of P0.80 per text.


Here are the winners of our tech-giveaways during the forum:

1 unit Nokia N8
(Sponsor: Nokia Philippines)

1 unit Nokia C3
(Sponsor: Nokia Philippines)

1 unit Nokia 1280
(Sponsor: Atty. Totol Batuhan)

1 unit (other brand)
(Sponsor: Globe Telecoms, c/o Jerry Yntig)

1 unit SmartBro PlugIt
(Sponsor: Atty. Totol Batuhan)

1 unit Sun Cellular Broadband 3G modem
(Sponsor: Atty. Totol Batuhan)

 Here are the recipients of the Sony Ericsson/Sony Mobile jackets from Sony Mobile Philippines:

Clint Rodney Gabito, Mark Umen Flores, Ethel Seguisabal, Dodong Dalanon, Lanie Tangpos, Jessalyn Rivera, Roel Flores, and Aileen Catacutan.

There were also five (5) winners of the GT Cosmetics from GT Cosmetics Manufacturing Corp. and all attendees of the forum shall receive this week their FREE P100-load card from Globe Telecoms (courtesy of Jerry Yntig).

Our grateful appreciation to our sponsors:

click the image to visit: abante.barangay.cebu/ 

Special thanks to:


Images @ the Tech-Forum




More images courtesy of Abante Barangay. More pictures here. That’s all folks. Until the next Kapamilya Tech-Forum!

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