Microsoft Surface–More than a Tablet. It’s a PC

I’ve got through this video of the launching of the Microsoft Surface and off-hand i am convinced this is it! It’s better than any other tablet. It’s more functional and productive.

The Surface is more than a tablet. It’s in fact a full PC. It’s both for entertainment and work. Consider these benefits:

  • It works like a PC desk top that runs the latest 3rd generation Intel processor (i5 Core, Ivy Bridge)
  • It’s familiar to everyone being operated by Windows OS (Windows 8 and Windows RT)
  • The screen is crisp and clear with full HD (Windows 8) and HD only (Windows RT)
  • The storage is comparable to most tablets (32G and 64G) and even bigger (64G and 128G for Surface Windows 8)
  • It’s productive like a PC and can handle big production works like editing on a Photoshop project
  • No need to bring micro-USB cable adaptor as the Surface has the regular USB port (3.0)
  • HDMI port is available for viewing on larger screens.
  • No Wi-Fi connection problem with its dual-antenna system around the case.
  • It’s designed like a book–handy and comfortable with our hands in any handling position. It’s even thinner (@ less than 40mm) than the latest iPad and weighs less than 2lbs.
  • Very portable with no extra add-ons bring with like its integrated Kick-out Stand for comfortable viewing on a table
  • The Touch Cover is not only elegant but functional as it doubles as a keyboard. Yet, the Touch Cover is only 3mm thick despite its 7 layers squeezed together. The keyboard sensitivity is super-fast and works a little bit like the regular keyboard with pressure sensors. Thus, eliminating unintended typing of a character experienced in most touchscreens. With the Touch Cover on, the Surface is still less than 70mm thick. If you’re a heavy typist, there’s the Type Cover that you can attach to the Surface just like the Touch Cover.
  • The digital inking technology (stylus pen) is precise as the distance between the tip of the stylus and the writing surface is only about 0.7mm. The ink is still smooth even if it’s zoomed in because of the 600 dpi sampling. Palm block is on when you write using the pen to prevent the screen to interact with your palm when you’re writing.
  • The Vapor Magnesium case is not only strong and durable, it’s also comfortable to feel in our hands.
  • Pricing for both Surface Windows RT(same as the available tablets) and Surface Windows 8 (same as ultra-book price) is competitive.

The Windows Surface has the same name of the surface (tabletop) computing technology which Microsoft had pitched in years ago using restaurant and hotel tables. The Surface Table has never come out yet in the market since this was introduced by Microsoft sometime 2008.

The Microsoft Surface tablet PC will be made available 90 days from now or sometime October this year. 🙂

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