D-I-Y: Repairing a Damaged “Beats” Headphone

I was able to resurrect my damaged “Beats” by Dr.dre HD headphones and again it’s servicing us at home. I reported it here that the two earphones were detached from its headband and it was no longer functioning due to possible cut of its cord.

Step#1 : I glued back the earphones one after the other to the headband’s hinges.

Step#2 : Using a multi-tester, i tested first the speakers in the headphones and found it in good condition.

Step#3 : Next was to test the continuity of the cord. I found out that one channel was cut-off. I have to isolate
some sectors of the cord to locate where the cut is.

Step#4 : After locating the cut in the cord, i decided to cut short the cord up to the chest level when i wear it
and connect a new 3.5mm input jack.

Step#5 : Since the cord is already very short, i bought a headphone cord extender that stretches to 1.5
meters–more than enough to be used in any devices like cell phones.

Tools needed: multi-tester, pliers, cutters, soldering iron

That’s it folks! I save money by not buying a new headphones. (Related posts: “Broken Counterfeit Beats HD Headphones”)

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