All Call (to all networks) Free on Mobile Phones Possible?

It seems there’s a growing trend among cellular networks offering free call to other networks as an offshoot of the PLDT purchase of Digitel’s Sun Cellular late last year.

Few months after Sun’s acquisition by PLDT–the mother company of Smart Communications, the former John Gokongwei’s cellular phone company which is popular for its low-cost plans has been hitching the Smart network of cell sites. Thus, Sun’s reach is now expanding to areas where there were “no service” at all.

Side by side with this technological might that Sun has shared from its big brother is the beneficial plan of extending the free calls not only within Sun network but also to Smart and another subsidiary network–Talk N Text and vice versa. Early December 2011 just after PLDT sealed the deal with Digitel after getting the go signal from government regulator–NTC of the buy-out, Smart introduced the “Smart-Sun Dual Plan 549“. With one plan, there is unlimited text to/from both networks and 2-hours free call to Smart and 4-hours free call to Sun. 


Just lately, Sun upgraded its UnlimitedText offer by adding free calls to Smart/TNT aside from the usual Sun-to-Sun free calls only. This is the TextUnlimited300 (snd TU300 to 247) which gives for one month unlimited texts to Sun, 500 text to other network, and 3 hours of calls to Sun plus 2 extra hours for Sun or Smart or TNT for P300 a month. This is somewhat a variation of the postpaid Smart-Sun Dual Plan 549.

Globe won’t let its rivals run uncontested. However, its offer is very limited as far as connecting to other network is concerned. Though, it offers unlimited text to other network unlike the Sun offer but its free call to other network is only up to a mere 10-minutes and no more than 50-minutes call within Globe/Touch Mobile. Worst, if you want to extend it to 30 days, you have to pay P600.

 I could no longer see any valid reason not to subscribe to Sun. My worry with Sun before was its “no service” signal on your phone. But now, with Smart cell sites as its redeemer, Sun truly covers all. 

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