Uload–The Automated Cell Phone Load Machine

Uload--The Automated Cell Phone Load Machine

I only see one unit of this wonderful machine at the corner of Brgy, Tabok road in Mandaue City. It’s an automatic vending machine used for loading cell phone credits to various networks,

I once tried the machine due to curiosity and was amazed with the technology. By just following the prompt, the machine will facilitate the loading of your cell phone credits. The machine accepts coins and bills in various denomination but it will not give you change. Loading is as fast as the regular loading facility of some load retailers.

What amazed me more of the machine is its ability to have a real-voice prompt better than that of the Metrobank ATM. It has a 7-inch touchscreen display that serves as its user interface aside from the voice prompt. The machine named ULOAD is up for franchising.

I’m not sure if this machine uses the technology invented by some students who joined a tech competition in the past.

UPDATE: From the official website of the Mindmap Commtech, Inc.–the exclusive distributor for the ULOAD vending machine, i’ve learned that the ULOAD is the product of the joint venture of the company and the FORTH CORP. Public Company Limited (Thailand). ULOAD, as a Digital Eload Vending Machine is designed to work unmanned and operates its eload capability using the GPRS technology.

34 thoughts on “Uload–The Automated Cell Phone Load Machine

  1. with GSM technology at touchcreen as input plus arduini programming yakang yaka gawin yan, may database din pala para sa natitirang balance mo.. Kung pangmaramihan na ang machinwa na gagawin mo, mas mabuti yong GPRS technology para lahat ng machines maaccess ang nag-iisang database.


  2. Good day sir. We’re can I buy this uload machine here in quezon city.
    Pls email the information on how to avail this uload machine.
    I’m planing to have this machine this june 2013
    Thank you.


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