Sun is Now Smarter! Hitches Smart Network

Sun Cellular has been informing its subscribers for a couple of months now about its increased areas of coverage. First, it announced the expansion in Luzon and Mindanao. Lately, Sun shone up to the large area of Panay island in the Visayas region. I suspect these were done without installing new cell sites. What?

Yes! Sun, whose questionable signal strength was the biggest issue before the acquisition by PLDT late last year, has able to expand its reach without perhaps adding a single post to its own network of more than 6,000 cell sites. Have a break with this video playlist of Sun before i proceed.

Obviously, as we also suspect and based on the last part of the TV ad which says “backed by PLDT“, Sun is now free-riding the network of cell sites of Smart Communications across the country. Smart with more than 8,000 cell sites is known for its widest coverage even at the remotest and mountainous area. This is true because i was able to visit a far flung mountainous barangay in Davao del Sur where the only cellular signal is from Smart.

So, who says the merging of Digitel (Sun’s original owner) and PLDT is bad? Another good idea of the Digitel-PLDT marriage is the various plans introduced to both Sun and Smart subscriptions. First there was the Smart-Sun Dual Plan 549 where a subscriber can enjoy unlimited text to both networks while getting 2-hours free call to Smart and 4-hours call to Sun.

Just today, i have received an info-message from Sun introducing the new Sun TxtUnlimited300(TU300)— which gives the subscribers for 30 days, UnliSunTxts, 500txts to other networks, and 5-hours call to Sun/Smart/TNT. My present subscription is TU200 which gives me these perks: Text Unlimited to Sun, 500 text to other networks, & 4-hours call only to Sun. Honestly, i can’t consume my free call hours because it’s only limited to Sun. The addition of Smart&TNT in the free 5-hour call for the Plan TU300 would be a good alternative and adds flexibility on how to enjoy to the fullest the free call hours.

But again the biggest benefit of the Sun buy-out by PLDT that goes to the Sun subscribers is the expansion of the coverage area using the Smart cell sites. If you’re a Sun subscriber, you’ll receive an info-message from Sun on how to activate your Sun for the new areas previously not covered by the network.

Here’s the steps(it varies slightly on different phone brands) :

1- Dial *247#

2- Reply by selecting the number corresponding to “Get Sun signal in new areas (#4 in my phone)

3- Choose the brand of your cell phone

  • (1) Nokia
  • (2) Samsung
  • (3) Myphone/CherryMobile
  • (4) Sony Ericsson
  • (5) LG
  • (6) Motorola
  • (7) Android phones
  • (8) Blackberry
  • (9)Apple iPhone

4- Go to the MENU of your cell phone

5- Click SETTING



8- Choose SMART

9- Go back to SELECTION MODE

10- Reselect AUTOMATIC

11- End.

I’m not recruiting you but i will be shifting to the prepaid Sun TxtUnlimited300 because its worth your money or “sulit” for your money. Text TU300 to 247.


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