My Floppy Diskettes

Long before the CD-ROM, there was the floppy diskette that dominated the computing portable storage for more than 20 years. The floppy diskettes were invented at the IBM laboratory in 1967 by Alan Shugart. The original floppy diskettes was an 8-incher and later got smaller to 5.25-inch and 3.5 inch diskettes. The diskettes below are my personal collections taken from my previous works.

These are my Floppy Disk Drives(FDD) that i used in my computer studies at the Asian College of Technology. FDD is better known as “Floppy Diskettes” because of its very flexible plastic envelop. It is only capable of storing up to 360 kilobytes but yet its size is 5.25 inches. I bought the diskettes at P28 each.

Th 5.25-inch Floppy Diskettes were replaced by rigid cases that house today’s 3.5-inch floppy diskettes. The storage capacity of the small diskettes is also larger than the previous one–1.44MB compared to the 360 kilobytes of the larger diskettes . I had a lot of these 3.5-inch floppies when ABS-CBN started computerizing in the middle of the 90s. These floppy diskettes are now seldom used except for back-up purposes which recovery softwares are stored in the 3.5-inch FDD. The 5.35-inch floppy diskette was totally phased out because of smaller capacity and its recording surface could easily gets contaminated.


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