Mobile Banking Anywhere, Whenever, Whatever!

(Cebu, Philippines) From “Banking anywhere” to “Mobile banking anywhere“. The Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) has been making true to its credo: “Let’s make it easy“. And mind you! Everything at no additional expense to its clients.

The top lady honchos of BPI’s Centralized Operations Group went to town to launch in the Visayas the BPI ExpressLink Mobile–the first in the country designed to make business cash management easy. Ma. Corazon Remo, Senior Vice-President and Head, Centralized Operations Group and Nieves Basa, Vice-President and Head, BPI Transaction Banking Division took turns in answering the media and bloggers’ questions during the launching today in Cebu City.

This blog is not into banking topics but let me delve into how technology changes the way we do banking. Both my two payroll accounts in BPI and BDO are accessible through the online facilities of the respective banks: the BPI ExpressOnline and the BDO Internet Banking.



The BPI ExpressOnline has a mobile version which enable bank clients to transfer deposits even to unenrolled accounts in just a click of your fingers on the mobile phone. I had been on SMS banking with my previous BPI account which i used in checking my balances during the years 2000-2003.

Both online banking and mobile banking have saved a lot of time for clients and spare our precious time from being wasted while joining the long queue at the ATM locations but only to be informed that  the pay has yet to be credited to our account.

Going back to today’s event @ the Marriott… the BPI lady honchos were joined in with some of their clients in Cebu to tell the media and bloggers about BPI ExpressLink Mobile. The mobile feature is an addition to what has been existed few years back–the BPI ExpressLink–an online facility like that of the BPI ExpressOnline but is designed to give more portability to its business clients.

With the BPI ExpressLink cash management products, every business need is addressed–from collecting payments through automatic debits, monitoring deposit account balances, transfer funds, and even pay the salaries of employees as well as paying utility bills and suppliers without leaving the office. These products eliminates long lines and save a lot of time and money.

All these features of the BPI ExpressLink are tucked into the Mobile version with added ability to work while on-the-go.Nieves Basa recalled an instance when an approving officer of a company was abroad and his signature was needed for some papers in the office back home. The officer just append his digital signature through the ExpressLink Mobile app (screenshot below) and the papers were all done.

The ExpressLink Mobile was launched in Manila October, last year and quietly been introduced to targeted clients in Cebu for the past months. Among the Cebu clients are Philippine Spring Water Resources(Nature’s Spring) and RMG Management Corporation (Julie’s Bakeshop). BPI is now expanding it to the rest in the Visayas. They will be launching the product in Mindanao next month.

On the issue of security like hacking and online theft, BPI detailed some security features of the Mobile facility, like:

  • 128-bit encryption
  • auto-logout after 10-mins of inactivity
  • affixing digital signature
  • the ExpressLink Mobile app in the mobile device can be deactivated in case of loss
  • the mobile device user’s identity is verified in two ways
The ExpressLink Mobile app can be installed in any of the phones manufactured since year 2005 that are capable of internet access (GPRS, WiFi or 3G).

BPI ExpressLink InfoGraphics


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