My First Photo Camera–Minolta FS-35

My First Photo Camera--Minolta FS-35

I bought this Minolta FS-35 Film Camera sometime early 90s and has some good posing moments with it. I forgot how much i pay for it. It’s a 35mm Focus Free film camera which uses 135 film format. It has also a DX-Auto feature–allowing it to encode the Digital Index automatically on the film’s edge barcode. (Wikipedia) “The barcode is invisible until the film has been developed. It is optically imprinted as a latent image during manufacturing. They are used by photo finishers to identify and align each frame for printing. It consists of two parallel linear barcodes, one for a synchronizing clock, and the other encoding film data such as type, manufacturer and frame number.” This camera turns on also the built-in flash as you push the shutter button and powered by two AA batteries. It has auto film advance and auto-film rewinding features. So, it’s a little bit advance at that time. 🙂

The photos below are some of the prints of my Minolta FS-35 which i personally took with my kids:


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