Moog Synthesizer @ Google's Doodle

Moog Synthesizer @ Google's Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle is the Moog Synthesizer that popularized the use of transistors in creating wild sounds. It was invented by Robert Moog– considered the father of Modern Synthesizer. Google presents the Moog to celebrate the inventor’s 78th birthday today.

The Moog in Google’s homepage is playable. Click the tabs, adjust the controls of its mixer and effects for your desired sound. Record while playing the Moog using the Open Reel recorder on its side. You can also share it via a link or Google+.

Click the image to know more about the Moog.


2 thoughts on “Moog Synthesizer @ Google's Doodle

  1. I was literally playing with the keyboard! love it! A-S-D is the do-re-mi. Then we record it by clicking the record button. Voila! I was really amazed.


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