The LiveHelp page of this blog welcomes every…

The LiveHelp! page of this blog welcomes every visitor who has something to share and has something to ask from the community. Please post here your tech problems and we’ll share it with others for its immediate resolution.

Since i am placed under the limitation of this blog theme, please comment on any appropriate thread you’ve found in this page. However, member-bloggers can post and start a new thread here.

As a word of caution, please don’t use foul words and name-calling in your comments because i’m not going to tolerate it. Thank you very much–jun tariman.


2 thoughts on “The LiveHelp page of this blog welcomes every…

  1. i don’t see any input field to type in the question i wanted to ask other than clickling on the ‘reply’ word at the top right corner of your post. so, am i on the right place to type it in? any way, the question really is about my internet connection. it is very, very slow and yet it is advertised to reach up to 1 Mb/s. is there a way to speed it up? thanks.


    • Sorry for the ineptness of this blog theme to allow non-Wordpress bloggers to post directly or start a thread on this page. I’ll make a run around of this once i’ll migrate to a self-hosted blog.

      Anyway, to answer your concern,there are other factors that contribute to the sluggish internet
      connection of our PC before we shall point our fingers to our ISP. Be sure your system is malware free and check some processes under its hood that slows down the connection.
      The NTC requires all ISPs to deliver 85% service reliability of their promised speed. Here is one of my old posts which can guide you how to maximize your internet experience:

      Increasing Internet Speed and Browsing


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