GLOBE Complains Against the Use of Illegal Repeaters

In a press release (Globe files complaint with NTC against use of illegal repeaters) sent to media and tech-bloggers today, Globe said they have formally filed a complaint before the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) against the use of illegal repeaters.

Repeaters are used to increase network coverage and signal by hogging bandwidth from any network cell sites and thereby affecting signal reception on other subscribers like drop calls. The repeaters come in various forms like an outdoor antenna or wireless adapters(pictures below).

Globe said there are illegal repeaters sold in the National Capital Region and are installed secretly in between trees, buildings and rooftops to avoid detection. Globe together with the NTC has dismantled some of the illegal repeaters found in NCR, especially in Makati City where 80 areas were affected and clamped down some business firms selling the illegal repeaters including online retailers. Globe said NTC issued a show cause order this month to an owner of an illegal repeater in San Andres, Manila.

In the pictures above, the repeaters used a yagi antenna similar to the ones used by Globelines in their wireless landline service in Cebu. As commonly named cellular repeatercell phone repeater, or wireless cellular signal booster in the wireless telecommunications industry, the device is a type of bi-directional amplifier (BDA).

BDA is a device used to increase cell phone reception in a local area like tall buildings where mobile phones in the offices hardly receive signals from the network. The signal received by the antenna of the repeater shall be re-broadcast using the signal amplifier and an internal rebroadcast antenna to the mobile phones inside the building. This is legally employed by the telcos in some areas where signal strength is poor. The diagram below shows the Wilson Cellular Complete Building Amplifier/Repeater System. The Inside Antenna is usually installed in ceilings of the offices inside the building.

Globe described the use of illegal repeaters as “totally unfair practice especially as it impacts a great majority of subscribers in an identified area,”. Quoting Atty. Froilan M. Castelo, Head for Corporate and Legal Services at Globe, the press release said Globe will go after perpetrators of the illegal use of repeaters by prosecuting them in court as part of their commitment for “a stable, consistent, and reliable network for Globe subscribers nationwide.”

Globe has started rolling its $700-million landmark mobile network modernization program that promises improved services,like:

  • increase its 2G/3G coverage significantly
  • enable faster call and data connections
  • on-time delivery of text messages, and
  • reduced incidence of dropped calls even at peak hours and traffic-heavy occasions.

This is in preparation of the most advanced 4G technologies such as HSPA+, Long Term Tvolution (LTE), and the new internet protocol IPv6.

2 thoughts on “GLOBE Complains Against the Use of Illegal Repeaters

  1. the fact is if the networks made more of an effort to improve the mobile phone networks then no one would need to even think of installing a repeater, come on Globe and other networks you talk about being fair how about being fair to the customer as we pay you money each week/month for service and with likes of sun mostly evening times text messages can be delayed anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours and then you look at smart-bro’s Plug-it very slow and very unstable and frankly if i am paying smart-bro 200 pesos for 5 days UNLIMITED internet access then i expect to be connected without it disconnecting and i also expect broadband speeds and NOT near dial-up.

    i am currently with sun broadband and i also have a mobile phone package with sun as i moved away from smart well all i can say is with sun broadband it was fine the first 6 months but now trying to download drivers for my laptop takes a hell of a long time now and before i was able to download 2gb per night at off-peak times 1am to 6am but now i am lucky if i even reach half that.

    so end of the day before networks start wasting time and money going after people using repeaters i think they should spend more time and money on dealing with the problem in-house IE their networks then the networks will find that repeaters will become a thing of the past.

    as for the repeaters taking up much bandwidth as Globe has been claiming is not as true as they make it out to be i have done my fair share of research into mobile phone repeaters and they are low powered devices and i have not come across many reports even from legit websites such like the NTC saying the repeaters hog bandwidth and most of the repeaters have to follow some sort of guide line that state they do not affect performance of the network and not affect other users well of course you got it from china’s knock off shop then maybe it could cause a problem but in terms of the legal and regulations there is branded repeaters on the market that have followed set guide lines to prevent such issues

    the way i see it as i am a tech minded person and as i have said above i done my research and asked from the tech guys i seen working on cell masts that if a repeater should hog bandwidth or in any way disrupt other users then the network seriously needs to upgrade its hardware and from the information i have researched and what i been asking around from people who know the systems inside-out and know what they are talking about that them cell masts should be providing enough bandwidth to handle twice the amount of a given area for example if you have 100 people with mobile phones then them masts should have enough spare bandwidth for an extra 100 and the reason for that is because of the growing number of mobile phones and other wireless devices coming online each day.

    so end of the day its the networks at fault if their systems are not able to cope with demand they are no different from Veco just can’t keep up with growing demand or just can’t be bothered to upgrade to meet demand and maybe thats down to greed for money.

    but my guess is that Globe are just using this as an excuse and don’t want their customers using something that the provider could lose money on.

    and if i so choose to have a repeater to improve my service i shall install but i would make sure it is a certified device and proven to not affect network or user performance


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