TelPad Upgrades to GingerBread

The PLDT has upgraded the tablet that comes with its innovative landline subscription–the TELPAD into the next available Android operating system GingerBread (Android 2.3). The Huaweii AD-1000 that used to run Android 2.2 (Froyo) has been upgraded to Gingerbread and now named Wave 2.3.

Needless to say but Gingerbread is better than Froyo when it comes to memory management and customization. For more features and specs of the Wave 2.3, click here while here’s the manual for the AD-1000 device.

PLDT has also introduced lately it’s latest app for the TELPAD–the TellMeHow App which is featured in the latest commercial of the TELPAD below. Aside from cooking tips, the app is designed for the Philippine market and contain some other topics peculiar to the Filipinos.

I wrote twice already about TELPAD in the past and will soon have a full review of this service as soon as my budget suffice for an upgrade of my existing DSL subscription. Here are my previous posts about TELPAD:


4 thoughts on “TelPad Upgrades to GingerBread

  1. Nice, but will they upgrade my not so old Slim 7 unit I purchased in January??!! Probably not, even though i have had multiple problems with it.


    • I don’t think that sold Slim 7 unit can be upgraded to Android 2.3 since its manufacturer–Huaweii is not into releasing upgrades over the air. You may have to buy a new unit from PLDT. šŸ˜¦  



  2. Yeah. They have upgraded their TelPad to Android 2.3, but it is an OLD VERSION of Android already. Android 4.0 (ICS) is the current version of Android in the market today and soon 5.0 will be released. PLDT sucks with upgrades with their TelPads, they must provide the current version to their users as soon as possible. Sheesh..


    • Yes.You are right PLDT has just upgraded to an old version. lol However, we can’t expect them to provide us with the ICS-powered tablet as an upgrade to the cheaper ones they’re giving to their customers unless they will charge us more than P20k for the unit.


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