More than Half of PDLT WatchPad’s Channels Are Still Off

It’s been more than a month and a half since 8 out of the 15 channels of PDLT WatchPad’s service have been signing off depriving its customers of some foreign contents like CNN, History Channel, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, and Bloomberg. Except for Bloomberg all aforementioned foreign channels are in High Quality(HQ) video and were cut-off since March 31, 2012. Bloomberg channel started to sign off on April 6.

Of the HQ channels of WatchPad, only the Pinoy Box Office (PBO) channel is still signing on. Splash and Animax Mobile went off on April 4 while Channel V Philippines has been off since March 31.




What is left on the WatchPad are PBO, Cosmopolitan, FHM, MyMusic, Big Fish, Living Asia and TBN World.





There has been no explanation from PLDT on the WatchPad’s player why the services of several channels have been cut off. PLDT had only placed a notice that the channels are going to sign off and users are advised to watch for new content.



On their Facebook Page announcement on April 3, PLDT WatchPad only say that this is “to give way for newer and fresher content”.

WatchPad is an added service of PLDT for all of its DSL subscribers and is accessible by installing the WatchPad player on your computer.

It is the first broadband entertainment portal and becomes an alternative channel for foreign content for those who don’t have cable tv subscriptions. It hosted some fights of Manny Pacquiao in the past for an additional fee.


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