(updated/re-blogged) What is the Best ISP(Internet Service Provider) for you?

Not all tech-gadgets are APPROPRIATE for you. Some need a laptop than a tablet because they write more on documents while others are more mobile and only need to surf the net. On the same note, not all internet services are equally appropriate for you. Here are the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) for both wired and wireless services that you can choose:


DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line which is the most popular form of broadband internet access. A broadband internet is supposedly “high-speed” and allows much higher rates of data transfer than a dial-up connection. At a supposed minimum speed of 256kbps (4x than a dial-up speed), DSL also allows subscribers to use their phone for both voice calls and internet connection depending on a plan subscription.

PLDT DSL offers bundle packages (a land line phone and internet access) and data (internet access) only services.

Plan 990 means the monthly subscription fee is P990; Plan 1299 is P1,299/mo. rate; and so on. Plan 990 and Plan 1299 are bundle plans while Xperience 999, Xcite 1995, and Xcel 3000 is data only subscription.

Plan 990, based on my personal experience, has an average speed of 200kbps+ download and no more than the measly 100kbps+  upload speed. It’s below the Minimum Service Reliability @ 80% mandated by the National Telecommunications Commission. Plan 990 is best for surfing but still you can download and upload files from and to the net with minimal speed.

In my case, i can upload the recordings of my radio programs (45mins – 1hr) to my podcast in less than an hour. WatchPad experience is also quite moderate but you can’t avail of the High Quality video at Plan 990. I had experienced minimal number of service interruptions with Plan 990 since 2009. The longest interruption period was when i was confined in the hospital. However, i’d received a rebate from PLDT after i sought refund for the days we were not connected.

Plan 1299, has been my new subscription plan for 2 days now. My average speed is 400kbps+ to 700kbps+ download and 200kbps+ upload. I have yet to test uploading the recordings of my radio programs this weekend. However, my YouTube experience is quite satisfactory and playback is possible without the need to wait for buffering to finish when the speed is @ 700kbps+. With this plan, i can now enjoy HQ video on WatchPad.

For data only plans–Xperience 999Xcite 1995, and Xcel 3000, i have no experience on it.

PLDT has also introduced these High-Speed Plans as an upgrade of its data plan plus the Watchpad provision. It also open a data plan up to 10Mbps @ P4k/mo.


Globe renamed its broadband service into TATTOO DSL optimizing its brand name as a spin off of its 3G modem service.Like PLDT, Globe has also an Internet only and Internet and Landline plans and modified lately its plans by improving the speed for some of the plans, increased slightly the amount of the plan ranging from P999 – P2,299(instead of P995 to P2,295), and added three plans with higher speeds: 5Mbps, 10Mbps, and 15Mbps(see chart below).

I have an experience with Globelines broadband at my mother’s house with Plan 1295 (now Plan 1299). My latest speed testing using speedtest.net today shows the actual speed are about 940kbps+ download and 280kbps+ upload. In short, the actual speed is way below the promised speed according to Globe’s rate card. Though with this plan, the YouTube experience is much better requiring no wait for buffering before you could play the video. Surfing and page navigation are also much better than PLDT’s Plan 1299 which is only up to 768kbps download. However, Globe subscribers have been experiencing major interruptions for the past months.


SkyCable’s broadband service is the latest in landline internet service and is so far considered the best internet connection ever at faster speed with affordable rates. Though, not all areas are covered by the service. Check here for it service areas.

Unlike the residential DSL/Broadband, SKYbroadband is using the cables of SKYCable that used to deliver TV channels to our television sets at home. Thus, its internet speed is maintained no matter how far our homes because of the amplification of the cable signal by the distribution amplifiers strategically installed at SkyCable’s service areas. In comparison, the Telco’s DSL speed is diminishing according to the distance of the subscriber from the ISP’s control center.

The rates are also cheaper compared to the regular DSL. If you’re an existing SKYcable subscriber you’ll have an extra 500kbps of speed.


WiMax internet service is ideal on places where there is no available fixed lines. WiMax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. [Wikipedia: It is a part of a “fourth generation,” or 4G, of wireless-communication technology, WiMax far surpasses the 30-metre (100-foot) wireless range of a conventional Wi-Fi local area network (LAN), offering a metropolitan area network with a signal radius of about 50 km (30 miles).]

Both the SMART Home Wireless and WiMax are fixed wireless. Meaning, the device/unit responsible for the network connection is stationary. It’s like the earlier model of SmartBRO–Canopy that has an outdoor antenna to be placed on the rooftop.

The latest player in the wireless internet service is the Wi-Tribe of the SMC-owned Liberty Telecoms. However, Wi-Tribe is still in the National Capital Region.


3G Wireless MODEMS (Modulator-Demodulator) connect to any ISP for internet access via the USB port of your computer. Its speed can reach up to 1Mbps-3.6Mpbs depending on the network. However, the users’ experience on 3G modems is not laudable as it is not reliable and dependable. The internet speed is always not stable and it may even nose-dive to as low as 0kbps.

Based on my experience it’s so difficult to upload larger files using 3G Modems because the speed may go down to zero. However, the experience is varied according to the area where you are using it. 3G modems are dependent of the networks cell sites capacity to accommodate both mobile phone and 3G modem subscribers.

I wrote several posts about 3G Modem including some troubleshooting tips:

3G modem is of big help when you are on the go and when you’re in an area where WiFi signals are not available. Being portable, the 3G modem USB stick can be easily inserted to any laptop as it is a plug-and-play device. However, there are laptops that can’t operate a 3G USB modem. If you encountered such a problem, you may refer to the articles above to troubleshoot the error.
Globe’s Tattoo Regular Stick is available in Prepaid @ P995 and Postpaid plans P499 and P999. Globe says you can connect to the internet up to 3.6Mbps speed(Plan 499) and 5Mbps(Plan 999) using Tattoo stick.Its minimum GPRS speed is 12kbps-48kbps where wireless broadband is not available.
The Tonino Lamborghini is considered by Globe as the fastest broadband stick on-the-go, with maximum download speeds of up to 12Mbps when surfing at an HSPA Site. It’s up to 5 times faster than current broadband stick speeds of up to 2 Mbps. It’s available at Surf-All-You-Want Plan 2,199, and includes 200 SMS to Globe/TM monthly.
The Tattoo MyFi works like a home router that sends/receives Wi-Fi signal from up to 5 devices at the same time and surf at speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps. It can connect to Globe’s network even it is not connected to your computer. It’s available on Plan 499 (50 hrs free) and Plan 999 (unlimited).
The Tattoo SuperStick is an improvement of the MyFi with a speed of 7Mbps and can connect up to 7 WiFi-enabled devices at the same time. It’s only available at postpaid Plan 1299.
(L-R: Start PlugIt, Power PlugIt, Rocket PlugIt, and Pocket WiFi)
Smart Bro Starter PlugIt is available @ P995 with a speed of 3.6Mbps. Usage fee is P10 for every 30 minutes and also available under Always on Plans & Unlisurf.
Smart Bro Power PlugIt is an update of the original PlugIt and is call & text capable. The speed is up to 5Mbps. It’s available for a one-time fee of P1,245 with usage plans: Unlisurf, Per Minute, Prepaid Lifestyle.
Smart Bro Rocket PlugIt boasts of its 12Mbps speed comparable to Globe’s Tonino Lamborghini but it’s costlier at P3,995 one-time fee. It operates under 4G HSPA+ with Smart’s more than 800 HSPA+ sites nationwide.
Smart Bro Pocket WiFi is similar to Globe’s MyFi and SuperStick. It’s also a WiFi hotspot with a speed of 5Mbps and can accommodate up to 5 devices. One-time fee for the unit is P3,895 while usage fee is similar to other PlugIts.
 Sun Cellular offers the cheapest rates in the 3G Modem internet connection with its Plan 799 and Plan 899 @ a speed of 3.6Mbps, equivalent to its competitors.
  If your budget is tight, there’s the Plan 299, Plan 450  and the latest Anti-Bill Shock Plan 350 with an allowance of 60 hours plus P10/hour in excess of 60 hours. Under the Anti-Bill Shock Plan, beyond 125 hours or P999 is free and the subscriber will only pay P999.
  Sun Cellular has also it’s Wi-Fi modem– MyWiFi at Plan 495. Sun also offered additional MyWifi bundles on top of the regular postpaid plan (see the second chart below).
Sun Broadband is also available in prepaid @ P995 with free 5-days unlimited internet upon activation. The rates below are the latest plans as of this writing.
I don’t have a personal experience on Sun Broadband. Please tell me your stories on the performance of our ISPs by commenting this post. 🙂

3 thoughts on “(updated/re-blogged) What is the Best ISP(Internet Service Provider) for you?

  1. A friend of mine (who resides in Cainta, Rizal) is subscribed to Globe’s P1299 2mbps Internet+Landline & she said that their connection is relatively fast, though not reaching 2mbps. My Smart myBro home broadband is soooo slow lately (0.3 mbps upload max and dives lower than 0.1 mbps most of the time). Now I’m choosing between Globe or Sun.


    • Hi Vanessa,

      As what i kept on saying the speed of our internet connection depends largely on our location especially if you’re subscribed to a wireless service like SmartBRO. DSL connections are still not reliable most especially if you’re located far away from the ISP’s exchange. The only consistent speed for now is through cable (Skycable) broadband.


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