Pinoy Crackers (Hackers) Changed Strategy? Attacks Non-Chinese Sites

Local crackers (hackers) had joined Friday’s anti-Chinese protest by defacing several web sites. But this time, Pinoy crackers who associated themselves with “Anonymous” cracked into NON-CHINESE WEBSITES in the United States, Russia, Australia, Brazil, and Spain. However, in the U.S. all of the sites defaced by Pinoy crackers are not government sites but mostly private sites related to prison.

This prompted some visitors of the “Anonymous” Facebook page to ask why the attacks were targeted to non-Chinese sites. Some had expressed dismay over the attacks done on U.S. sites as this will give the Filipinos a bad name. One comment from a visitor: “What’s the idea of hacking non-CHINESE websites? Esp US websites? Mukhang di ko na gusto ang takbo. It will look as bad.

The Pinoy crackers response is explained in their message on the defaced websites. They’ve said that they only wanted to “grab the attention of other countries and International organizations“. An administrator of their Facebook page claimed messages on defaced Chinese websites are not much given attention. A certain Private X said “nag iba ako stratedgy gawa ng madami na tumitira ng .cn at bale wala mga mensahe na nilalagay sa mga .cn ….

The Chinese crackers responded Saturday by defacing several Philippine government and corporate sites like TESDA and the Colegio San Agustin (pictures below). As of early Sunday, CSA’s website is still down.

Malacaniang has called a stop to “hacking” from both sides since it will only add tension to the stand-off at the West Philippine sea particularly at the Scarborough Shoal.


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