Trade-in Old Phone to a Brand-New Android my|phone A818 Duo

The good news of the “Trade-in Madness, Android Phone Edition” promo of my|Phone is that it has been extended to June, 2012 instead of wrapping it up last week. Here’s the deal:

  • Trade-in any old mobile phone (working or non-working) and get this my|Phone A818 Duo Android Dual SIM Phone for only P3,999.

  • If you opt to buy without any old phone to trade-in with this Dual SIM Android my|Phone, the unit is worth it’s current promo price–P4,499.  SRP for my|Phone A818 is P5,499.
  • Trade-in units should still include its battery pack and is not broken down into separate parts.

This is not the first time i write about my|phone products. I wrote my experiences with my|phone products because i believed it’s worth sharing with the masses who don’t have extra money to buy high-end branded phones. I bought the my|phone units i used in these reviews: “my|phone T23 Duo has Superior Audio than Q19i“, “My Phone is MyPhone“, and “my|phone T23 Duo New Variant is a TV Phone“.

I don’t have any literature about the my|phone A818 Duo nor i can get its detailed specs from the manufacturer’s site. So, i first relied on the quick specs on its box.

Nevertheless, being an Android and Dual SIM is something this phone would stand-up among its level considering its under-P5k price (promo). I’ve checked the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos which has some similarities with the my|phone A818 Duo like: both active Dual-SIM, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS, Wifi, Rear camera, and capacitive touch screen.

However, the Galaxy Y Duos has more on some of the important specs like its faster than the A818 Duo and surfing on the phone is much prettier considering it’s a 3G/HSDPA phone. In short, the Galaxy Y Duos lived up by its name being a smart phone. However, the catch here is the price: P3,999 (trade-in promo) for A818 Duo while the Galaxy Y Duos is priced at P8,999.


                                SAMSUNG Galaxy Y Duos           my|phone A818 Duo

Data:                           3G/HSDPA phone                                     GSM/EDGE
CPU:                           832Mhz                                                          650Mhz
Card Slot:                 up to 32GB                                                    up to 16GB
Display:                    3.14″ 240 x  320                                         3.5″ 320 x 480
Rear Camera:         3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels                  3.2MP
Front Camera:       none                                                                VGA

Another local brand–CherryMobile has also its Android Dual-SIM phone at under P5k. I’ll do a full review of the my|phone A818 Duo as soon as i can get a unit like what i did with the previous my|phone models.

28 thoughts on “Trade-in Old Phone to a Brand-New Android my|phone A818 Duo

  1. i want to experience having a touchscreen phone but sad for me i cant. even thou i am responsible as incoming fourth year student my parents don’t want me to buy coz they said i am careless and we are not that rich. i’m hoping, dreaming and always praying to have a touchscreen phone but i give up. since elementary i want to have a phone like that but now i am a graduating student i dont still have any phone like that. sad for me. hope there is a miracle. +


  2. Eto naka bile na ako ng A818 ayos maganda gamitin friendly user mura pa bumile ako SDcard 8GB ayos na sawang sawa sa music 9pm ko play music nagiseng ako ng 6am tuloy parin music ko hehehe ayos eto mura pa…..


    • Like the other phone cameras with 3.2MP, A818 may perform well. However, i haven’t tried it personally. Today’s Android smart phones are already sporting at least 8MP camera, so you can’t compare A818 to it.


  3. Hi! I want to avail of the promo. At first my concern was to be able to send text messages to multiple numbers of each contacts… it does! so now my concern before buying about the battery performance based on actual use! I have my Samsung Galaxy Y but it just gives me half day of battery life! I hope the A818 will do much better!


    • My apology Vince, i don’t have a full review of the myPhone A818 Duo.However, based on my experience with the other lower models of myPhone, the camera is not as comparable to branded phones.


  4. Sir, hope you can have a review before ma end ang promo. At least i can decide if mo pa dayon kog palit. tnx, and more power, i love your radio show =)


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